I feel a little too underinformed about this question, and I’d like people to explain/answer/correct/confirm me on it. I admit it makes some sweeping generalizations, so if it’s a strawman, let me know where it falls apart, but here it is:

Why for the past eight years has the American conservative (principally Republican) movement been cavalier about the loss of actual freedoms like habeas corpus and the need for warrants, but is suddenly terrified that the partial nationalization of failing banks and/or other industries (even for a weekend) is a ticket to Stalinism?

The best answer I can come up with is pure faith in the people in charge: the “good monarch” philosophy that says that as long as one’s own party has the reins, power won’t be abused. But I’m sure there’s far more to it than that, and if you can enlighten me (especially if you skew conservative), I’d love to hear it.