You may have heard of “Where the Hell Is Matt?“, a serious of videos of this guy named Matt dancing in various locations across the globe. It started as a personal project, but then he got corporate sponsorship and made more extensive, vaguely more professional versions as he globetrotted. Well, the last series he did ended in Seattle, where he lives. And where I live. He put the word out that he was going to be dancing at a certain time and place, and anyone was invited to join him. So my girlfriend and I went, and as our big crowd was bouncing around, she and I grabbed each other’s hands and spun around till we fell over. The moment of falling is where the Seattle clip starts. You can see us in the very upper-right. The most identifiable moment is when I stand up and wave my arms instead of helping her up; I’m wearing a black shirt with white sleeves, and she’s wearing a red jacket. It’s the end clip:

Unfortunately, the video is so small and compressed that you can’t really tell that a third of the crowd is dressed in anime costumes for no reason I was ever able to discern. They’d just been milling around the park, and they watched us set up for a fair while before wandering over and joining us. Did we ruin a perfectly good LARP session? Hopefully.