Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah. Not only did I find an actual copy of it, it’s now signed by the Liefeld himself:

''I kick ass for the LOR-- for ME!''

So of course I had to ask him what the deal was. His explanation was that he and his cohorts decided “Godyssey” would be a cool name for a comic, so what should happen in it? Well, you always see gods running around in comics, but you never see Jesus. “What would Jesus do?” I added.

“Yeah, so I figured the other gods’d be all, ‘Ha ha, look at him on the cross!’ And then he’d be all, [makes tearing-hands-off-of-cross motion, with guttural sounds],” Liefeld explained. Then after a pause, “We were totally in on the joke. We thought it’d be fun.”

“Well, it’s pretty amazing. I saw scans on the Internet and just knew I had to find it.”

[Looking at two-page spread again] “Y’know, the Passion happened, then this.”

“The Passion was the prequel to the Godyssey.”


All in all, Rob was pretty jovial, and we were both laughing. Oh, and you’re probably wondering now, what happens in the REST of the comic? Well, this is on the page following all the scans already on the Net:

I like to think this bit is autobiographical on Liefeld's part.

IT WAS ALL A DREAM. And it turns into a story featuring Avengelyne and Glory. The plot still follows the idea of the Greco-Roman pantheon preparing to rebel against “Jehovah,” but a glance at this panel tells you everything you need to know:

The angle and position would indicate some sort of hidden suitcase-camera footage.

“What should we do first, Mother?” is apparently a fart. Hell of a superhero power.

And these are the fine folks you should direct your gratitude towards:

''The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.'' - Revelation 20:12

I hope that answers all of your Godyssey-related questions. If not, well, I think Hercules put it best:

You tell 'em.