Time to play “Mob Code or Not Mob Code?” featuring this message left on my answering machine.

No one is actually named “Ed” or “Louie.” But they called me, of all people.
Pregnant pause before “meat raviolis” Maybe the raviolis are so good, they require contemplation.
Why would Louie be “going up there today” if he didn’t think they’d have the raviolis? What kind of raviolis are worth the trip? Have you TRIED their meat raviolis?
Identity of the caller suspiciously unmentioned It wouldn’t’ve taken much creativity to have crafted a third alias. “Sonny,” maybe, or “Ginger.”
I’m in Seattle’s gayest neighborhood (seriously; Dan Savage lives here), so if “meat ravioli” isn’t mob-code, then it’s probably gay-code, and I’m flattered but no thank you. Well okay, buy me a few drinks and we’ll see what happens.
“Meat ravioli” makes decent symbolism for some criminal activities. Like drugs smuggled inside a car seat. Or guns in loaves of bread. Or a penis inside the orifice of your choice.
Oh, enough. Sorry.
I hope it’s guns inside loaves of bread. Because that was a great A-Team episode. Can’t argue with that.

So, my conclusion: Murdock was one crazy bastard, wasn’t he?

(Remember when he de-evolved everybody on the Enterprise? Off the hook!)