From today’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Driver frees man in trunk after crash


Seattle police and at least one motorist were left puzzled Thursday after a morning fender bender ended with two women fleeing the car they had just crashed, but not before releasing a man who had been in the trunk.

The accident happened about 10 a.m. at the corner of 21st Avenue and East Cherry Street, police reported.

A woman driving a maroon Chevrolet Beretta hit a Toyota sedan.

The accident prompted the driver of the Beretta to hop out and unlatch the trunk of the car. A man jumped out of the trunk and ran away, police said.

The driver and another woman in the car also ran.

No arrests were made, and the investigation continues.

Man, to have been that Toyota driver. I can just hear the series of “…the hell?”s.

But that’s not all that happened here today. This is a little less funny, but the last paragraph makes it worth it:

Seattle carjacking suspect tried to hide up tree


SEATTLE — A SWAT team fired pepper spray pellets at a carjacking suspect who had climbed 30 feet up a tree in West Seattle.

Police got their man early today after a stand-off.

Police say the man took to the tree after attempting a carjacking. He refused to come down.

Lieutenant Norm James says he was yelling obscenities at officers. A SWAT team was called in to negotiate and had to fire the pepper spray to get him down. He was led away in handcuffs.

The car driver who got away came back to identify the suspect.

While he was in the tree the man also yelled at bystanders who were laughing at him. He yelled, “It’s not funny!” They yelled back, “Yes it is!”

Seattle knows its comedy.

(How do you attempt a carjacking? What was he using, a knife?)