I just came back from a birthday party for a friend’s five-year-old daughter. Of course there were many children underfoot, including a four-year-old girl who the five-year-old was running around with. At one point the five-year-old declared, “FIRST ONE TO THE BATHROOM WINS!”

And she ran around two corners, down a hall, and into the bathroom. “I WON!”

The four-year old was at that point just walking around the first corner, apparently not giving two shits about having “lost.” She was just happy to see the five-year-old come back out again to play some more.

Total life lesson there, I think: Declare arbitrary games that you can win, and enjoy your victories.

“First one to watch all these Transformers DVDs wins!”
“First one to do my taxes wins!”
“First one to bring me to orgasm wins!”

(And I guess if you play your cards right, losing ain’t too bad either.)