Everyone loves the Dinosaur Comics, but my roommate loves them so much he bought the t-shirt:


(Roommate not pictured.) (Unfortunately.)

When the t-shirt arrived, the packaged was addressed to him…. but above his name, it said “astro-l“!


What connection could the Dinosaur Comics guy have possibly formed between my roomie and my blog? I’ve never used anyone’s full name here – not even my own! I thought I’d covered my tracks so well. Clearly this had a bottom to which we needed to get. So my roommate fired off an e-mail to the Dino Dude:

Subject: Recently Purchased T-Shirt Conundrum

This evening I received a “not all dreams can come true” astronaut style t-shirt. I was very happy!

But I have a question about the mailing label. At the very top, it says “astro-l”. Does this refer to the style (“astronaut”) and size (“large”) of the t-shirt? Or does it refer to astrolopithicus, the space cave-man? Believe it or not, both would be valid interpretations at my house, and it has caused a small amount of controversy.

It would be very helpful if you could help us.

A couple of days later, this response came back:

Subject: Re: Recently Purchased T-Shirt Conundrum

Much like how the word “maroon” can refer to both a chestnutty colour and the condition of being left to fend for one’s self, I feel that “astro-l” refers to both the size of the shirt (and its description), as well as to the rare but evidenced Astrolopothicus. In conversation, it is best to employ a parenthetical “(the caveman)” or “(the shirt and size)”, however, on the mailing label I fail to do so, as I think you’ll agree that the postal service thrives on ambiguity.

I hope this answered your question and that you liked the shirt! Big ups all around!


ps: if you wanted to take a picture of yourself in the shirt, that would be pretty awesome indeed!

Good lord! This unexpected onslaught of wit has paralyzed my roomie into e-speechlessness. He wants to reply, but how? The desire is to, of course, repay funny with funny, but Ryan’s a hell of an act to follow. So no e-mail has followed (much less a photo). Thank the Lords of Kobol it isn’t me shouldering that burden. I’m just happy the universe identity-thieved me to make it all happen.

(Oh, and if you haven’t, you really ought to check out Ryan’s other project, Whispered Apologies. I’ve never seen a cartoonist so adept at scamming his art.)