So there’s this website called (ganked, as I am wont to do, from memepool). What you do is, you go to the main page, and there are two photos of cats. Click on the cat you think is cuter. A new pair of pics will appear, plus you’ll get to see how your favored cat did in the ratings. This is endless entertainment.

After a few hours of that, you might be curious who the champions of adorability are. And believe me when I say HOLY FUCKING BAJEEZUS:

Of course, just as the existence of Kitty Heaven necessitates a Kitty Hell, so too is there a parade of grotesqueries, the losingest of the losers:

(I’m reduced to giggling hysterics by the fact that the last cat is named “Bitey.”)

But the most hideous cat of all I’ve sealed away behind an LJ-cut, where by the grace of Schr√∂dinger it can exist in a state of at least theoretical half-cuteness. That is, until you crack open the cement encasement of this feline Chernobyl.

You know that anti-smoking commercial where the lady smokes through her neck? Yeah. Part of me hopes that that’s just a yawn we’re looking at. But that’s not the only part of me.