“But what,” you’re asking, “was disco-era Germany’s answer to the Village People?!”

Of course the Germans knew they had to have their own all-singing, all-dancing costumed sextet. But their superior engineering gave the world not a random collection of tradesmen and ethnic representatives, but rather a random collection of the ugliest singer/dancers you could ever ask for, festooned in vaguely historical but still spacey outfits, singing vaguely historical but still retarded songs.

Yes sir, they gave us “Dschinghis Khan” (Kraut for “Genghis Khan”). And thanks to bkilby, you get to watch them perform in one of the most wonderful videos I’ve seen all day:

For Dschinghis Khan, it's ALWAYS the part of Sprockets where we dance.
And what do YOU want for Christmas, little boy?
Featuring John Ritter, Dr. Evil, and the reanimated corpse of Stalin.

According to the Internets, the lyrics go something like this:

Moscow, Moscow
Throw the glasses to the wall
Russia is a beautiful country
Ho ho ho ho ho, hey


Moscow, Moscow
Come, we dance on the table
Until the table breaks down

Apparently it’s a tribute to the bygone fun of Czarist Russia (bearing in mind that this was the late ’70s, when the Cold War was far from over). There’s another song called “Rocking Son of Dschinghis Khan,” retelling the historic epic of Genghis’ rebellious son who didn’t want to be the Mongol ruler like his dad; rather, he wanted to rock. Or disco, as the case may have been.

There’s another video to be had, but it’s of poorer quality, and the song (inventively titled “Dschinghis Khan”) is suckier. But they’re still freaks, so it’s awesome.

(I have quite seriously been watching the “Moskau” video a LOT for the past couple of days. I don’t think I’d call it another Tunak Tunak Tun, but I bet it’ll keep my head out of the noose for at least another week.)