Ganked this video from Memepool:

Homey the Bear disapproves.

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Yes sir, in fact his bling does say “KJV.” He’s doing a… surprisingly competent parody of “Baby Got Back” for Christians. I’m not posting this just to point and laugh and go HA HA WHITE SUBURBAN CHRISTIANS TRYING TO BE STREET (though that’s part of it); I also think there’s some real genius in it.

“Ohh, momma mia
You say you want koinonia
Well, bless me, bless me
And teach me about John Wesley”

“39 + 27 = 66 books, an’ if you’re Catholic… there’s even more.

I checked out this dude’s homepage, but sadly there’s not much more of interest there. Unless you’d be entertained by a bunch of photos of him standing around.

(It took me a couple of listens before I came to the disappointing realization that “You can have those bimbos / I’ll keep those chicks that do devos” means “devotionals,” not the New Wave band.)