Either Seattle’s a law-abidin’ kind of town, or nobody cares when the law gets broken. Because this is the second day now that they’ve sent us home early for lack of cases to put us on. If nothing happens tomorrow either, then that’s the end of my “jury duty.” Which would be, y’know, woo hoo! But then… wedding toasts? I honestly don’t know which to root for.

So I went and took this relationship quiz that everybody in my LJ world’s been taking, and I was deemed XSYT. It was right in some places, wrong in others, but then I noticed something:

Diagnosis not quite right? Now that you’ve taken the quiz, you can view the Relationship key. If you have any attributes that are on the cusp, check out the Relationship that complements that attribute (in other words, if you’re an XPIT but only 6/10 Practical, take a look at XSIT.)

Okay. So what are my ratings?

eXpressive: 6/10
Practical: 4/10
Physical: 6/10
Giver: 4/10

Heh. Every single attribute “on the cusp.” And since there are only two options for each category, I can literally choose any outcome I want. I am fully equipped to be every kind of lover you need.

Sweet cheeks.

Plus I have these two animated GIFs:

The indestructible KITT and his indestructible hubcap (thanks, Shep!)

Boromir’s Imaginary Phone (thanks, Cil!)

(Romantic perfection gets ’em in the door. Animated GIFs seal the deal.)