If you’re at Greenlake in Seattle in the next day or two, and you’re heading out towards the Starbucks though the field by the rec center, and you’re a snowman, pause and take heed:

Grisly, but educational.

At least it wasn't his lap.

So we were going to do it as a standing snowman, with the coffee cup held to his face and a big ol’ trench running down his front… but even together, my friend John and I couldn’t lift the center section. I like to think it’s because the snow was very wet and sticky and compact, so it was much heavier than a ball of powderier snow.

I may be lying to myself.

Regardless! It works pretty well as a corpse too. And I can be happy that I’ve properly rocked Seattle’s annual snow-day.

(Plus! Two hours of “24” tonight! God’s just putting all the moves on me.)