I love me some snow. Well, I would, if snow would just give me the chance. Everybody ELSE is getting snow. But Seattle gets maybe two or three days a year, maximum. So I got all pumped and stoked and psyched and so on when I saw this on the weather.com Thursday evening:


LIES. Not only did these prophecies fail, but the charade was kept up for the next 24 hours. Last night, as light rain came and went, the forecast was identical. You’d think they’d have been ashamed of themselves after the Thursday debacle, but it seems sensationalism still wins out over credibility. President Dewey should do something about this.

Now, my love for snow is all about the sculpturing. Calvin is my idol and graven image. But driving in it, admittedly, sucks nine asses out of ten. I even feel a bit guilty for being so excited and hopeful for snow, knowing that it will kill and maim drivers while I’m building snowmen. But those snowmen are usually killing and maiming each other, too, so I guess it’s all right.


Trust me, it makes sense.

The point is, be careful on the roads. In that spirit, I’m ganking a couple of links from memepool:



Stay safe, everybody. But I still want my snowmen.

(So the “President Dewey” joke was a lame riff off of “Dewey Defeats Truman,” but if you want to make it an irreverent comment on modern politics, it can also refer to Dubya’s 1976 conviction for drunk driving. Ho ho!)